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Company of Heroes (abbr. CoH) is a Real Time Strategy game for the PC, first announced on April 25, 2005. Developed by Canadian based RTS veteran, Relic Entertainment, it is published by THQ.

Company Of Heroes


Company of Heroes attempts to revolutionize the RTS genre by introducing changes to the traditional resource model, eliminating as much macromanagement as possible expanding on concepts from previous games and creating a more strategic and action-oriented RTS experience.

As such, the resource model found in Company of Heroes is similar to that of another Relic game, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. Players must take control of certain points on the map. The more of these points a player controls, the more resources they aquire. This concept demands constant expansion of a player's territory. These points are connected like supply lines, and so, during the course of a battle, a player can capture one point in the "supply line", isolating the rest which had been connected to the base through it, therefore severly reducing the enemy's resource intake.

Players collect three resources: Fuel, Munitions, and Manpower. Fuel allows players to purchase tanks and other vehicles, as well as global upgrades. Munitions allows players upgrade individual squads or vehicles and use special abilities. Manpower is necessary for all units, but is particularly useful for infantry. The player can decide, at a Manpower cost, to place Observation Posts on their resource points in order to increase their production, which means sacrificing resources in the short-term for a greater long-term intake.

Game units generally require a sizable amount of resources to produce. This separates Company of Heroes from other games in the RTS genre, where large amounts of massed units are a common sight.




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